Envelop 1.4 Runtime files - Size: 4.27MB - All programs on this page were written using the Envelop Development Engine, So in order for any of these files to run correctly you need to download and install the Envelop Runtime files first, yeah I know it's a large download, but it only need be installed once and then you can run several great programs written with the Envelop Engine!

Ballistic Calc 1.0 - Size: 711KB - The new and improved version of BallCalc, the last version was very buggy and lacking in features. Not so with this version, all of the bugs have been fixed and I've added several cool features, this one's definatly worth the download! Make sure you install the Envelop 1.4 Runtime files before attempting to run this program.

BallCalc Screen shot

Click on the above image for the larger version.

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