Daisy 2003 hybrid pics

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0....Daisy 2003 Hybrid in full view.
1....A slightly zoomed in view of Daisy 2003 Hybrid.
2....Close up of the ventilated shroud and Daisy red dot site.
3....Close up of the charging handle and selector key.
4....Close up of the charging handle in it's cocked position.
5....Close up of left side of reciever with selector key removed.
6....Close up of the selector key.
7....Another close up of the vented shroud and red dot site.
8....Close up of muzzle end.
9....Another full view of 2003 Hybrid.
10...2003 Constant air conversion.
11...Full view of Constant air 2003.
12...Closeup of Constant air conversion.
13...Closeup without grip panel.
14...Closeup without grip panel.
15...Closeup without grip panel.
16...View of the Constant air adapter before modification.


-Installed 20 inch barrel and barrel shroud from a Crossman 10/77 pellet rifle.
-Made ventilated barrel shroud from a piece of PVC pipe, and drilled holes.
-Attached a 5/8 inch dovetail scopemount to top of ventilated barrel shroud.
-Attached Daisy red-dot site to scope mount.
-Installed a charging handle type cocking interface.
-Slide is now in fixed position and will not move, must use charging handle to cock.
-Installed a selector key type selective fire system, for semi auto remove selector key, for full auto cock action and insert selector key and turn once to lock.
-Installed a Brass Eagle Constant air adapter, this adapter was originally intended for the Talon paintball marker and required heavy modification before it would fit the 2003, unfortunatly I have not yet had the chance to test this feature(Thanks to William Bulman for getting me started on this modification).
-Began work on a Hopper feed system, this modification will require a 45rd .68 cal paintball hopper, and a modified 2003 mag.

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