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CZ-52 Pistol page - Information and articles about the CZ-52 Pistol.
Lee Enfield(S.M.L.E) rifle page - A resource for collectors of the Lee Enfield rifle.
SKS rifle page - Information and links for SKS enthusiasts.
Daisy 2003 F/A page - Convert your model 2003 to a spray and pray BB spittin machine!
Downloads page - Click here to download great software written by yours truly!
Old forum archives - Some threads from my old forums.

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General discussion forum
General gun related board
Guns 'n' gear sales board
CZ-52 discussion forum
Lee Enfield(SMLE) discussion forum
AK/SKS discussion forum
Mauser discussion forum
Mosin Nagant discussion forum
Misc surplus weapons forum
AR-15 discussion forum
FN FAL discussion forum
Large bore rifle forum
Sniper rifle discussion forum

RKBA and Firearm links

Tom Bowers politically incorrect machinegun page
Ammonium Nitrates Patriot Links and info
Frugal Squirrels homepage for patriots/survivalists
Kirby TheOGs Curios and Relics page
Joes Second Amendment discussion forum
Go Go Varmint Go varmint hunting site
Chris Smiths Second Ammendment RKBA page
Survivors Old SKS discussion forums
Survivors New SKS discussion forums
SKSDave's SKS Chronicles
Jo Co Emprise Clips and Magazines
Guns America Guns classifieds
The Makarov pistol site
T&Ts Surplus Inc, dealer of surplus arms
Fubars Second ammendment gunshop
Securityarms.com Gunpics site
Shooters.com Gunlinks
AJ's Hunting and shooting page
Curios and Relics Home Page

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